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Unstoppable shopping in the censorship resilient network

Imagine the place where you are free to buy or sell. A place where only you are responsible for what you sell or what you buy. Imagine the place where no one can censor you, a place where no one has the power to stop you, a place simply accessible from any web browser. Such place is the future of decentralized Web 3.0.

Decentralized marketplace located in the IPFS network

The marketplace operates over the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) a protocol and peer-to-peer (P2P) network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. The marketplace stores key data related to each product in the IPFS network in order to ensure that they remain permanent and censorship resilient.

Distributed content accessible from any web browser

The data in the IPFS network is stored decentralized and can be distributed over many nodes. The marketplace is designed to load key data related to products from the IPFS network directly, or through IPFS gateways or JS-IPFS API, without need of any server database. This aproach ensures the content is accessible from any web browser without any restrictions.

Start with decentralized marketplace today

Access with Brave browser
This option requires Brave browser which integrates IPFS protocol directly. You can download Brave browser here.
Access through IPFS Gateways
The fastest option. Use it if you are not familiar with IPFS or if you wish to spread links to your content. Works in any browser. No extension required.
Access with JS-IPFS API
This option uses JS-IPFS API which implements IPFS protocol in the browser.
Works in any browser. No extension required.

Add your product in a few simple steps

Fill in the Product card

Fill in the Product card with information about your product or services that you offer. You can also add one main image and 10 images as an attachment. Make sure that you have created an authentication token before. Once you fill it, you get the CID and you can download the Product card in form of single file named ipfsbay.json.

PIN it into the IPFS network

The Product card contains all information about your product and base64 encoded images. You can download the Product card and PIN it into the IPFS network yourself (anonymously) or we can PIN it for you. Imagine pinning as an "uploading" your file into the IPFS network. Once the Product card is pinned, it is accessible throug the marketplace. All process is free.

Provide us the CID

Once the Product card is pinned into the IPFS network, you got its CID - a content identifier that match your card in the IPFS network. If you provide us this CID, we can add it into the our Public database and your Product card become accesible for everyone. You are also free to create your own Databases from as many Product cards you wish and we can host it for you.